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my loves: leverage. the mcu. spider-man, black widow, captain america, iron man, film!wolverine-and-rogue, and the winter soldier. lotr. poetry. history. books. coneycat's 'housemates' series on ao3. folklore. tam lin. fantasy. les miserables. the x-files. classical, folk, offbeat, and symphonic metal music. doctor who. firefly. strange long words. mako mori. much ado about nothing. jane austen. musketeers.

i run, also


but I’ll kneel down, wait for nowI’ll kneel down, know my ground
and I will wait, I will wait for you
raise my hands, paint my spirit goldan’ bow my head, feel my heart slow

but I’ll kneel down, wait for now
I’ll kneel down, know my ground

and I will wait, I will wait for you

raise my hands, paint my spirit gold
an’ bow my head, feel my heart slow

it’s been such a month.

full-time work, thankfully at a job that I love. constant meetings for the formation of a student organisation we’re trying to get going for fall. personal stuff - hard decisions, a friend’s death. visits home. weddings. finally doing my taxes and finding time in all of that to apply to scholarships. emotional and physical stress, constantly feeling just how shaky my mental equilibrium is. constantly having to reach out and lean on Jesus, because if He wasn’t guiding (pushing) me gently through all this, I’d just have given up a while ago.

my Jesus is good. and he wants good for me. and the right choices are sometimes the really, really hard ones - but the bright places of grace and peace shine so much brighter for how hard it’s been to get there.

eucharisteo: quiet words speaking Jesus to my tired thirsty heart; grace unbound and unlimited and constant; long hugs from my dad; building community through the mess; glorious orange-pink begonias bright in a patch of shade; a cool basement to retreat to when my attic bedroom is like an oven and too hot to sleep in; hope; acoustic folk music when my brain’s too overstimulated to shut off; sermons and stories to listen to at work. grace. grace. so much of it, if I just keep my eyes open.

Christ is more of an artist than the artists — He works in living spirit and flesh, He makes men instead of statues

Vincent Van Gogh (via kvtes)

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When Teresa of Avila was asked what she did in prayer, she replied, ‘I just allow myself to be loved.’

Anthony de Mello, Sadhana, a Way to God (via awelltraveledwoman)

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